What is bulk excavation

Bulk excavation generally means digging out an open area to clear the way for development. It can change the ground height in any direction. For example you can decrease the ground height by digging out, while the material can be used as fill to increase the height somewhere else. An example could be preparing the site of a driveway on a slope. You may want to excavate to instal a partly underground structure such as a swimming pool, new building or basement. Or you may wish to render your land more usable. In this case bulk excavation can be used simply for breaking up rocks, scraping and levelling uneven ground. Alternately it can be as complex as re-designing an entire landscape. This could involve both digging out the ground and mounding up rock and soil to create new terrain. An example of this is re-shaping a large area to construct roadways, gardens and buildings for a large establishment.

Furthermore bulk excavation applies at every type of location and scale of job. For instance we can excavate areas on the sites of residential houses, industries, business spaces, landcare sites, sports grounds, swimming pools and farms, plus much more. Finer and more detailed work can follow once the bulk excavation has been done.


What we do

  • any size of bulk excavation job
  • many bucket types available for different jobs
  • domestic, commercial, industrial, rural properties
  • coordination with other trades, including our Freddy mates
  • house and building site excavation
  • swimming pool excavation
  • large scale development excavation
  • shaping terrain for private roads
  • farm dams
  • retaining walls
  • landscaping earth moving
  • piling & shoring
  • site retention with anchoring
  • difficult sites (common in Sydney) such as rocky or sloping terrain