What is demolition?

Demolition is not just the usual picture of big equipment destroying buildings. It specifically means taking apart all or part of a load bearing structure. However removing construction supports and utilities hardware are not included in this category. There is a precise art and science involved. The job will require a lot of assessment and preparation by both yourself and the demolition crew. There are many scales, types of demolition and factors to consider. For example in Sydney there is a lot of built structure on steep, rocky ground. Being one of the oldest cities in Australia, it also has many tightly spaced buildings of differing ages and materials. Therefore Sydney demolition tradespeople must be experienced in this environment, as well as properly equipped and dedicated.


Why demolish?

You may have any number of reasons for demolishing a structure, such as:

  • Removing damage to a building caused by termites, fires, storms and floods.
  • Replacing ageing or unsafe buildings.
  • Real estate investment property redevelopment.
  • Upgrading, extending or renovating a house.
  • Civil or industrial redevelopment projects.


What types of demolition are there?

Exterior demolition

Exterior demolition is taking apart a building from the outside. It includes knocking down the outside walls and roof. Therefore the entire building or at least a section of it is destroyed. It also covers breaking up concrete, removing floors, utility supply lines, sheds, and old swimming pools, etc. A speciality, high reach demolition, involves reaching up with a very long arm to remove high structures.

Interior demolition

Interior demolition means removing all or some of the load bearing structures inside a building. It must also leave intact whatever surfaces and structures are to remain. There is a special kind called a stripout. This involves a careful taking-apart of the interior piece by piece to leave an empty shell.

What we do

We can demolish any type of building or other built structure. This applies to both residential and commercial premises. Size of job is no issue. Your job may be small, eg taking down a shed or a room. Or it may be a large-scale commercial, industrial or civil project. Because it’s quite a scientific process, our team consists of people with the know-how. Not only are we meticulous about the work, but we also clean up properly. We leave the site clean for the next project or building. Furthermore, being tradespeople, we appreciate a clean site to work on ourselves. Thus we like to leave an unobstructed space for the next contractors who come onsite - they can get down to work right away.