Detailed excavation

Detailed excavation refers to jobs requiring a great deal of care and precision. Tight spaces such as stairs or narrow lanes also demand it. The digging must not undermine or weaken buildings or break existing service lines. Mini excavators may be required for very tight, small jobs. Some of the jobs requiring detailed excavation are:

  • Drilling pier holes for fences or house footings.
  • Neatly cutting out a space for a concrete slab on which to build a house.
  • Careful excavation required to make the foundation for a retaining wall.
  • You may want a driveway carved into a suitable gradient and shape.
  • Digging a trench for new utility supplies like water, sewerage, electricity and gas. This is followed by back filling and smoothing it later.
  • Usually in detailed excavation the earth mover carefully digs a particular shaped area between, under or around buildings.
  • Detailed excavation is also often done in conjunction with demolition. This is because demolition may be a very delicate operation depending on the site and surroundings.


What we do

  • work to regulations and codes
  • tight spaces excavation
  • excavate slab spaces for sheds, extensions, houses, rooms, etc.
  • retaining walls - excavation and earth moving
  • partial demolitions (removing part of a site or building)
  • detailed high reach excavation
  • holes for footings
  • basements and cellars
  • driveway sites
  • trenches for drainage and utilities
  • rock sawing
  • detailed landscaping