What are earth mover and excavation services?

The ground is seldom exactly the way you want it for a building or renovation project. Therefore earth mover services are required. They are about using bulldozers, backhoes and other excavators to dig and push earth. The machines have many kinds of interchangeable buckets that can do different things regarding earth moving. Examples are graders, rock breakers and forked buckets. The excavated earth can be loaded into the dump truck with a loading machine and moved to a new location or taken off site. Our expert team has a wide variety of machines and fittings to do your earthmoving job.


What are the types of earth moving?

Your earth mover has to cover a wide range of scales and types of work. It can be from a very simple scrape (eg for a garden shed) to a complex restructuring for a major project.

It can involve:

  • relocation or removal of materials including vegetation, soil and rock, waste, old structures, etc.
  • levelling and re-shaping land for landscaping and buildings
  • terracing and contouring
  • scraping for new access roads
  • erosion mitigation - returning eroded sand or soil to its original location
  • removing the surface layer of soil due to contamination, etc.