What are high and long reach excavation?

High and long reach excavators are machines that have super-long arms with exchangeable tools on the end. They can be used to extend far into normally unreachable places.


The uses for high and long reach excavation

The high ones can go high up buildings to excavate materials or demolish small sections such as remove internal walls. The long reach can get through damaged buildings to do similar jobs at ground level. The degree of control of these long and high arms is excellent, and we can save a lot of time this way. Some of the things you can do with this extended excavation include:

  • detailed stripouts at height or far from outside reach
  • tight spaces excavation
  • recover material assets for sale, reuse or recycling
  • take certain parts of a building apart without damaging any nearby structures


Other benefits

These excavators are all-in-one with their adjustable arms and exchangeable working ends. It means that each one can be used for many jobs instead of having to employ multiple different machines. This results in savings of time and costs. It also results in increased productivity. Safety is improved.

All our operators are fully trained and experienced to ensure safety and quality efficient work.