Excavation for new swimming pools

A new swimming pool requires a lot of careful planning and detailed work. The excavation must be to a high standard to enable the pool installation to follow without complications. Also various factors may arise, like bedrock, that have to be dealt with. The pool excavator has to work in with the engineer, master builder and landscaper before and during the job. We’ll take every possibility into account when we dig and sculpt the space for your pool.


What we do

Pool excavation can be difficult and time-consuming. Thus we strive to work efficiently, keeping the cost and time to a minimum for you. We do:

  • Any size or difficulty of commercial and residential swimming pool excavation.
  • Coordinate with surveyors, engineers, master builders and landscapers to ensure your pool space and land reshaping is to specification.
  • Detailed excavation when the pool is to be sited close to a house, building or other structures.
  • Pool excavation in difficult and unusual conditions, such as hard rock, difficult access, etc.
  • Grading of ground and removal of soft and hard materials (soil, rock, fill, etc).
  • Take away all unwanted materials and leave a clean site.